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The November 2002 program went very successfully with 12 members in the group in addition to the guides. Amongst the group were University students, High School Teachers, and an ambulance officer. Four of the group came from the town of Casino on the north coast of New South Wales.

In Luxor we stayed at the Gezira hotel, located on the west bank of the Nile but closer to the ferry wharf than the Amun Gezira Hotel and with a view across the river to Luxor temple. Plunger coffee, omelettes and fresh bread and jam, with a spectacular view of the river made a great way to start the morning:

Breakfast at the Gezira Hotel (from left): Rhonda, Nola, Kim, Chris, Catherine (obscured), Kerrie, Terry, Karen, Jeremy, Wendy, Catherine © Michael Birrell

The November team was quite an energetic bunch who made easy going of the walk across the hills to Deir el-Bahri. On afternoons off, many of the team climbed to the very top of the Qurn, the Pyramid Mountain of Thebes to see the superb view across the Valley of the Kings and the Nile Valley. At Aswan most of the group climbed to the top of the Qubbet el-Hawa for a magnificent view of the Islands:

View from the Dome of the Winds in Aswan © Michael Birrell

Michael Birrell

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